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Actor Sebastian Anklam
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Even as a child Sebastian was fascinated by painting and creative activities. At high school, he began to implement his own film project from script writing to Final Cutin the act. In the 11th grade, he went abroad for a year in the US to the East Coast. At the high school attended there, he played the lead role in a musical and also played in some short films.

Back in Germany, he was able to record his first film and TV appearances. In parallel, he founded and directed a theater and a film AG at his secondary school.

In addition to a few theatrical performances, various short films were shot under his direction. In order to get even closer to the profession of actor, he studied for a year acting at the drama school Charlottenburg.

Sebastian Anklam has been on Haitus to concentrate on his education at the University. Studies completed! He is now back to his first love ACTING!.
  • 2014 Rat Game, Short Feature Film, Tom [HR] Director: David Wunderlich
  • 2013 Jesus Cries, feature film Director: Brigitte Maria Mayer
  • 2014 The Mother of the Murderer , ZDF Director: Carlo Rola
  • 2013 SOKO Leipzig Fg. 268 , ZDF Director: Andreas Morell
  • 2012 In Your Dreams - Summer of Your Life , NDR Director: Ralph Strasser 2012 GZSZ , Fg. 5159, 5161-5163, RTL Director: Herwig Fischer
  • 2013 Union Investment - Mystery of Everyday Life Director: Cadmo Quintero
  • 2012 Nivea Men - European Championship Spot

Humboldt-Gymnasium Berlin
2011 The Wave , play, Alex Director: Self, David Wunderlich


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